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Reflect & Re-energise

In recent years the ancient practice of yoga and meditation has greatly increased in popularity. It's not surprising when you consider all the benefits it has for both your physical and mental health. Just some of these benefits include increasing your strength and flexibility, reducing stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety and improving your respiratory and cardio health.

2024 Yoga Workshops

Open to non-members


Join us for a nourishing, healing and grounding yoga experience. Each workshop also includes a seasonal light lunch and refreshments.



  • Saturday 16th March - Spring Equinox Yoga Workshop
  • Saturday 15th June - Summer Solstice Yoga Workshop
  • Saturday 21st September - Autumn Equinox Yoga Workshop
  • Saturday 14th December - Winter Solstice Yoga Workshop
Yoga Classes

As well as our yoga workshops, we also have regular yoga classes on our Fitness Centre class schedule, including AquaYoga. 


These classes are available with our leisure membership, please contact us for more information.